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Esta página se fundó para formar parte de nuestras clases particulares, pero ha evolucionado desde que empezamos a trabajar en escuelas de verdad. Existe para proporcionaros recursos útiles e intenta ser una herramienta para proporcionaros a las alumnas y a los alumnos la atención personalizada que merecéis. Aquí encontrareis descargas, foros y el blog, periódicos, herramientas de aprendizaje y mucho más.

 Si tienes alguna duda, escribe un e-mail a [email protected] o directamente o mediante el formulario en el apartado "Contact" (Contacto). Si quieres, echa un vistazo a  "Bio".


Interactive Material

Do you need some more revising, some help studying English?

 I've published quite a lot of interactive material over the last few years. Please follow this link to check it out.

 These files come as *.zip : you have to download and extract, that is, to decompress them. Each packet should have a file called "Start" or bearing the packet's name. Open it with your browser, you don't need anything else.

  There's more in the Downloads section, of course, and lots in the forum and blog. I'd love to get it all organised, but there's so little time. 

 If you want to pass any of my material on to others -free of charge, of course-, please feel free to do so. Just don't change things, and make sure I'm identified as the author.

York 2016

We're off to York next February!

 First of ESO Bilingual and First of ESO D are going to visit the ancient Northern Capital, just in time for the Viking Festival.

 Click here to see the presentation on what we're going to do, and why you need to come.

 Please participate in the fundraising effort -let's do this without leaving anyone behind.

Happy Hallowe'en!

 The English Department is organising a Hallowe'en horror story writing contest.

 There will be three categories:

  1.  First and Second of ESO
  2.  Third and Fourth of ESO
  3.  Bachillerato

 Just write a horror story, illustrate it, and give it to your English teacher.
 You'll have to hand it in before Recess ends on November 3.
 There are prizes for the best horror stories; the winners will be made public at the Solidarity Gala in December.
 Ask your English teacher for information, or to volunteer as a member of a jury.

 Click on the picture for ideas and some nice extras.

Contra la violencia en la escuela -contra la violencia en la sociedad

This Site


What started out as a toy has transformed into an important tool as time went by. On this website, you'll find lots of material that can help you improve your English, and the way you are learning. 

 You can also meet others, make questions, and find useful applications without having to look far and wide.

This site exists to offer both learners and fellow teachers of English resources, a forum, and -of course- ways to contact me and the other members. It is growing and changing all of the time -come back now and then to take a look.

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