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This area features activities of various types. Take a good rummage around now and then -it's growing.


 These browser-playable activity suites come as .zip files. Just unpack and open. In case there is no file with a name like "start.html", locate the "index.html" file after unpacking. These files are for educational purposes only.

The files are in permanent Beta -there may be mistakes that I'm fixing whenever I can. Always trust your teacher better than their material 


 Past Simple

 This suite has no "Start" file, as I'm currently too busy. Just open one of the *.htm files. Ah, for sure: unsurprisingly, this is about the Past Simple.  



 Chiefly for Primary School, third cycle. It's about animals and their behaviour, with a good deal of basic syntax thrown in.


Going Shopping

 Designed for 4º Diver, but of more general utility. Comparatives of superiority and equality with clothes-related vocabulary.


"Sixth Sense"

 A unit very loosely based on Burlington's "Passport 4" text book. Present Perfect and Past Simple.


"International Migration"

 Designed for a strong 1º de Bachillerato. Past Simple vs. Past Perfect and Comparing with Adjectives are the grammar topics here.


"Welcome to the World of Tomorrow"

 Ways of talking about the future plus First Conditional. Contains a lot of stuff to listen to as well. 


"Fashion Words"

 This one is rather small: Two crossword puzzles about -mainly- fashion-related words. Developed for a group of 3rd ESO using a Burlington book. 


Conditionals 1, 2, and 3

 Just what it says on the label. Level: First of Bachillerato. This one's not rigged to any specific book, but rather something to work with at home whatever programme you follow.

 As I'm running low on space here, I've saved the file on a remote server. Follow the DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS you find here.

 Oh, one more thing: For offline playability, I've included the audiovisual files, instead of links. I do not own them. If there is any copyright trouble, I shall remove them upon a complaint and see how I can replace them with simple links. If you are the owner and object, please just contact me.


Present Simple

 Present Simple, Family, and Adverbs of Frequency for First Cycle of ESO.

 As I'm running low on space here, I've saved the file on a remote server. Follow the DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS you find here.


More Interactive Material

 I'm still working on more material; this link will take you to a GoogleDrive folder I use to publish it. There's more than one suite here.

 All files are compressed *.zip archives, so you'll have to decompress them to make them work. 


Placement Test 1: Pre-Intermediate

 A good test for both placement and reinforcement.


Placement Test 2: Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate

 Same as above, but on a higher level. Comes with the answers.


Grammar Betting Fest

 This activity is a real favourite of mine: Error spotting as a game. It's most fun if done in a medium-sized group of Intermediate students, but easily adapted to other levels. In the game form, students bet first, how many errors there are, and then, where they are. Once, when using this one with 11-year-olds, I had to throw them out after class.


Sinking Ships

 An example for use of the game classic for grammar practice. An integrated communication / grammar drill activity and lots of fun.

Writing: Guides, Model Texts, Work Sheets

A) Writing Guides


Opinion Compositions -Pasos a Seguir

 A little How-To Guide on writing opinion compositions.


How to Write a Summary 

 In terms of language used, Lower-Intermediate, just like the book used for the example. In terms of understanding text and summarising it, this one can be used at any level.


B) Model Texts


Australopithecus Afarensis

 Upper-Elementary handout model for a presentation. The kids won't write quite like this, but as it is to show them how to do it, giving them a perfect solution should be best.


What I did Last Summer

 Models for Elementary-level free composition. Three mini-stories of about 60 words.


Country Living 

 Content-led text analysis for Pre-Intermediate level. The text is based on a text from the "Update" text book.


International Migration

 An interesting topic to discuss with Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate students -the text should be a good basis


Should High School Students Wear Uniform?

 A composition topic that crops up over and again in Secondary II classrooms. The text is a good example of what I call "dialogical arguing", a somewhat more difficult but more entertaining alternative to the classical mode of writing an argumentative text. Loads of vocabulary and ways of expressing pros and cons here. Please don't plagiarise -your teacher will notice, and I can say from experience that few things are more infuriating to a teacher than being thought stupid enough not to spot that a text isn't yours.


The Politics of Humphry Clinke

 An example of a university-level paper on literature. I wrote it for a course I took here in Cáceres at the UEx -a straight 10 (A).


C) Work Sheets


PAU Exams 2006-2009

 These are Extremadura's Selectividad of the the last few years, in a single RAR file. Take a good look.


Sample Exams

 Two examples of exams for 1st Cycle ESO. Use them to revise and to get comfortable with the format. 



Phonetics 101

 An overview of the main phonemes in English, particularly tagged towards Spanish speakers. Also includes a few explanations as to why English spelling is so very tricky.


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