Grammar: Others

 I'm running out of space for new pages here, so I'm lumping in various topics together, Sorry about that.

Grammar: Verb-Related

The Passive Voice

 The passive voice explained. The approach is based on the concept of agency; contains many examples and some exercises.


The Passive Voice: A Brief Explanation with Exercises

 Just what it says on the label. More accessible than the other paper on the passive, with more exercises. Schoolbook-style approach to grammar.


"Phrasal" & Irregular Verbs

 A good overview of the most common multi-word verbs and verb forms in English. The "phrasal verbs" come with paraphrases. Useful.


Gerund vs To-Infinitive

 The basic points of this captivating, complex, and often exasperating aspect of English grammar.


Sentence-Level Syntax

Relative Clauses

 Explanations, How-To Guide and a couple of exercises. Take a good look! 


Puntos centrales de la sintaxis 

 En español. Se explican algunos conceptos muy básicos de la sintaxis en general, partiendo del español. Muy útil para explicar el fenómeno de los casos en lenguas como el alemán (tan raro para un niño español), pero también la colocación de los objects en inglés.


Prepositions of Place I & Prepositions of Place (in-at-on) II

 Rather good worksheets on guess what.


Package "Joscha's Favourite Toys"

 Sorry, but I couldn't find a better name right now. This package features four screen presentations in *.odp format (OpenOffice / LibreOffice) on some of my favourite aspects of high school grammar: Modals, Relative Clauses, Reported Speech, and the Passive Voice. Apt for Second Cycle ESO as well as Bachillerato. 

 Oh, yeah: Microsoft Office won't open these, but exporting them into MS formats the animations get unpredictable. However, OpenOffice/LibreOffice is for free, so why don't you give it a try? You can download it here. There are versions for Linux, Mac, and Windows, so no worries. 



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