Grammar: Modal Verbs

 In this area, you can find fact sheets with exercises on modal verbs in English. They were developed for my one-to-one students and are based on John Eastwood's wonderful work. Whenever I can, I add new files to this library, so keep checking!


Modals I & Modals II

 Just what it says on the label. Modals I is pure explanation, Modals II comes with exercises. Useful.


Modals -An Overview

 A new sheet on my favourite verbs -I find this one even more useful than the other two. It comes in a table format: To express ... Use ... . Examples: ... . Check it out!


Modals of Ability: CAN/COULD & BE ABLE TO

 A work sheet / fact sheet on ...correct. Soon to be followed up by others. 


Modals of Permission: CAN, COULD, MAY, and BE Allowed To.

 The second of this new series. The topic should be clear from the title. 


Modals of Necessity: MUST, HAVE TO, MUSTN'T, NEEDN'T etc.

 Number three of the series on modal verbs by meaning. The exercises are tricky -still, using the fact sheet  part of the paper, you should do just fine.


Modals of Possibility and Certainty: MAY / MIGHT, COULD, MUST and CAN'T 

 The one that was indeed planned to be number four of the series. Once more, this one comes with a fact sheet and a work sheet.


Modals in the Past: SHOULD HAVE DONE & Co.

 This one was originally not planned to be the fourth paper of the series, but to come in somewhat later. As the others, this paper comes with a factfile part and exercises.


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