Time, Tense and Aspect

 This area is about Time, Tense and Aspect -as the others, it will expand as time goes by.



 An overview of the basic time forms in English (defined as Tense + 1 Aspect) with their auxiliaries.


Los Tiempos Verbales

 A brief and necessarily incomplete, but very accessible and useful overview of the time forms in English and how to use them. EN ESPAÑOL.


Time, Tense and Aspect

 A theoretical paper with examples offering a basic overview of the most important time forms in English.


"Phrasal" & Irregular Verbs

 A good overview of the most common multi-word verbs and verb forms in English. The "phrasal verbs" come with paraphrases. Useful.


The System of Aspects

 A brief overview of the English Aspects, compared with Spanish. The diagrams are especially useful.



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