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=> Present Simple and Continuous

 => SO and SUCH 

=> Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

=> Past Simple vs Present Perfect

=> Adjectives 

=> Modal Verbs

=> First of ESO: General Review


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Present Simple and Continuous

Present Simple and Continuous

Present Simple

Click on a link to go to an exercise. Read the descriptions to find out more.

The page these links are taken from -Agendaweb's rubric "Present Simple".

Present Simple Affirmative I

Simple fill-in-the-gaps exercise with everyday verbs.

Present Simple Affirmative II

More gaps waiting to be filled. This belongs to a course you can find here.

Short answers I

A simple exercise in flash. Move the answers on the right to match the questions on the left.

Present Simple Affirmative III

Multiple-choice exercise to get that "-s" right.

Negations I

Write the negative forms of the statements above. The instructions are in Spanish; this belongs to a course you can find here.

Cerquella: Present Simple

The grammar bit of a very nice unit on free time you can find here. The complete ESO 1 collection is here.

Questions I

"Las preguntas se hacen ASI" applied. Taken from EFLNet.com, a very complete page you may want to check out.

Short Answers II

Write the correct short answers in the gaps. Read carefully so as you know what to say.

Gap Text I

Read the text and pull the correct answers to the gaps. Nice flash exercise.

DO Is Just a Two-Letter Word

...and yet it's one of the most important ones there are. Which form do you need?

Mixed Sentences

...for you to complete. Flash.

Negative Verb Forms

Whatever they say on that page, English is easy. If you doubt, try German. Or Spanish. Or...

Questions II

The problem about putting titles is that sometimes they leave you without much to explain. "Ontic dumping" is the word. Well, this one's about ASI again.

Questions III

One of the beautiful things about English is that it is international. The site is in Polish, but that doesn't matter. All you need to understand is in English. There's more here.

Present Continuous

Click on a link to go to an exercise. Read the descriptions to find out more.

The page these links are taken from -Agendaweb's rubric "Present Continuous".

What are they doing?

Match the sentences to the pictures. Click on "Next Activity" to do more of the same.

What are you doing?

Almost exactly the same, but with different examples. Cute animations.

Present Continuous - Complete

A whole unit brought to you be the Junta de Andalucía. Click on "Start Activities" to begin practicing.

Present Continuous Affirmative I

These guys call the Present Continuous, "Present Progressive". Find that title here for more.

Mix and Match

A simple matching exercise. You have to distinguish Present Continuous and Simple.

Love is in the air...

Too much pink for my taste, but otherwise quite nice. There are many more exercises here.

Present Continuous Affirmative II

Simple fill-in-the-gap. There are more exercises there -just click on the links.

Negative Contractions

Really straightforward -fill in the gaps. Use contractions.

Information Questions

Information Questions are those with a WH-element: who, where, how, what kind...

Translation I

Choose the correct translation of the Spanish sentence. There's more here.

Present Simple or Continuous

Once more, "Progressive" means the same as "Continuous" Choose which tense to use and fill in the gaps.

Hey, what are you doing?

Make questions to produce the answers they give you.

Present Simple or Continuous II

Multiple-choice, fairly easy.

Present Continuous at Perfect English Grammar

The first of various exercises on the same topic. Find them all, and many more, here.



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So and Such


Web Bibliography

Tip: You need an open connection to the Internet for this to work.
The links are without comments -the topic doesn't change between them.

So Cute

Number 1

Number 2

Such a fatalist

Number 3

Number 4

Such a Hard Time

Number 5

Number 6
Such a Light Sleeper
Number 7

Number 8

So Cheap

Number 9

Number 10
Found on


Such anImportant Book

Compiled by J.Joscha Finger

[email protected]


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Past Simple vs. Past Continuous


Resources for Past Simple   and Past Continuous

a) Past Simple

Verb Memory: Play the "memory" game with verb forms.

Spelling Bee: Practice how to spell the regular -ed ending.

Irregular Verbs: Present forms versus past forms of irregular verbs.

Irregular Matching: Match the infinitives to their past forms.

Yes/No Questions: Spanish/English exercises on guess what.

Question Time: Make questions in the past. Instructions are in German, but you won't need them.

Mixed sentences: Affirmative and interrogative sentences in the past.

b) Past Continuous

Explanation and Overview

Fill in the gaps -with pictures

Completing Sentences: Affirmative/Negative, Questions, Mix 1, Mix 2

Matching: Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3

Worksheets on basics: Number 1, Number 2, Number 3

Storytime: Complete the story.

Error Spotting -Find the mistakes.

More Gapfill Exercises: Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4, Number 5, Number 6

: Compare both languages.

Find more exercises here.

If you have any more questions, or you'd like to have this at home, please send me a mail.


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Past Simple Vs Present Perfect


Past Simple versus Present Perfect

web bibliography

4th of ESO

a) Basics b) Easier
c) Harder

What's the participle? - Short-answer quizzes. Links: Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3.

Past Simple or Present Perfect II - Multiple-Choice Exercise.

For or Since I - Decide whether the sentences are correct.

Spanish/English I - Great exercises to help you understand the more difficult points in talking about the past.

Present Perfect for Beginners - This one comes with an explanation. Pay attention to the adverbs.

For or Since II - Which adverb do you need?

Pick the Participle I - Multiple-choice. Pick the correct version of the past participle to complete the sentences.

Past Simple or Present Perfect III - Fill in the gaps. What more can I say?

For or Since III - Well... you just can't have too much practice. Here, it's filling gaps again.

Ye Olde Verb Table - The classic, but for you to fill in. Variation:
     One verb a turn - less overwhelming, more flexible. 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th

Adele's ESL Corner: Past Simple or Past Perfect IV - Click on "Medium" to get more exercises on this and other topics.

For or Since IV - The nice thing about this one is that it loses most of the numbers. Vocabulary-based references to time.

Concentration I - The game classic, aka "Memory", with verb forms.

Present Perfect @ Perfect English Grammar
- This link takes you to collection of exercises. There are explanations as well.

Past Simple or Present Perfect V - A nice multiple-choice quiz.

Present Perfect Forms Illustrated - Here you have to put the correct form of the Present Perfect, and the pictures make it nice. 1st , 2nd

Making Sentences - OMG, doesn't this look like typical exam exercises?

Quiz Time - Fill in the gaps with the correct verb forms. This is part of a huge collection on many grammar topics. Find the index here.

Past Simple or Past Perfect I
- Multiple choice. This one's still fairly easy.

Present Perfect in Context I
- Two simple texts where you have to put in the correct Present Perfect or Past Simple Form.

Passive or Active? - Just what it says on the label: Active and Passive in the Present Perfect.

The Present Perfect - Another explanation with lots of exercises of different types.

Mastering the Present Perfect Tense - A whole suite of exercises, explanations, and so on. Juicy.

Present Perfect: Uses - Various exercises of different types, with an explanation at the beginning. Be careful: This is in Canadian English -some forms may be different.

Fast Forward

Past Perfect - Still fairly easy, on the curriculum for 4th of ESO.

      Sample Exercise

      Collection of Material

Present Perfect Continuous - Still fairly easy, on the curriculum for 4th of ESO.

      Sample Exercise

      Collection of Material

Future Perfect - In fact, this is easy. But it takes some getting used to. Important: This is essential for using modal verbs in the past.

      Sample Exercise

      Collection of Material


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PS: Take a look at this to learn how to use the Present Perfect  Continuous


This one forms part of an interactive suite. I have had to remove thew images for it to work here. 



Web Bibliography: Find more activities



Vocabulary: Clothes


What's the Opposite?

What's This?
Which word goes with the picture?
Comparatives at Saberinglés.com
A whole English/Spanish collection -book a hotel room.
Opposites: Memory
The game classic

Clothes: Type the name
Men               Women

Comparatives and Superlatives
Two easy bilingual exercises.
"Opposites" by Montse Morales
#1  #2   #3   #4   #5   #6

Cute Matching:
What's What
Dress Me
Laundry Basket

Multiple Choice
What fits?
Adele's Corner: Adjectives
#1  #2

Matching with Pictures
The title says it all
Opposites and Translations

Clothes and Body
What goes where?
Mixed Comparisons
There are lots of exercises here. If one doesn't work, change the number in the navigation bar.
Matching at Bradley's Place:
Adjectives and their Opposites

WordMeister: Clothes
Just like Hangman
#1    #2
Which word is the Opposite?
Matching exercise

Three different activities
Adjectives: Comparing
#1    #2
Speed Matching: Opposites
Retake the quiz to get more pairs.

Guess what goes where
Men and Babies
Ample evidence that we're not the same...
Antonyms -not only adjectives here
#1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   #7

Check out the Main Index
Where Are the Shoes?
Another nice matching activity
Jack and Jake
Here, you have to write whole sentences. Nice!


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Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs



Should, would, or could?

Multiple-Choice exercise (Flash) with everyday phrases. Part of a collection on should.

Mixed Modals at esl.fis.edu: Nr 1 and Nr 2

Multiple-Choice exercises covering a good variety of modals. Nr 1 is easier, Nr 2 somewhat harder.

Modal Verbs 1

An activity that combines Multiple Choice and Fill-in-the-Gap. The main page (here) offers a custom search of lots of exercises on modals.

Modal Verbs at English-exercise.net. Here's more: ...2, ...3, ...4

More Multiple-Choice. Using the page's own Previous/Next options, you get to different aspects of grammar, not more of the same.

Modal Verbs at MontseMorales.com

The Index of a nice collection by Montse Morales. There are various types of exercises available.

Modals at http://www.ilv.ucl.ac.be/

Mixed exercises, some of them not very easy. A tip: "Exercice Suivant" means "Next Exercise".

Can, could, may and might

Fill in the gaps with one of these four modals.

Modal Meanings

This one's nice: paraphrasing by matching. Not really difficult, but rather useful, I think. A few of the activities in the sidebar might be useful too -especially this one.

Which modal fits?

A somewhat more advanced multiple-choice exercise.

Modals One at UsefulEnglish.ru

This is one of various exercises -check out the sidebar on the left to find quite a choice of interesting and useful exercises.

English Modal Verbs -Mixed

The first of a number of exercises. Find the main page here.

Modals at TestYourEnglish.net

Gap-filling. But the level is pretty high -modal perfects and conditional structures are included.

Past Modals at ESL-Lounge.com

Just what it says on the label.

General Review at Grammar-Quizzes.com

A very complete collection of exercises, explanations etc. Definitely worth more than one look.

Modals at esl-classroom.com: Nr1, Nr2, Nr3, Nr4

Four activities of mixed types. Not bad.

Modal Verbs at The British Council

Quite good. The activities are in Flash. Some of the comments are very useful. This page is better at explaining than for practice, though.

Modals Quiz at Educaplay.com

A nice little Flash quiz. Ah, by the way: remember that an umbrella is also a parasol.

Modal Verbs at Grammarbank.com

The link takes you to an overview page. Follow the links under "Also See" to find the activities.

Perfect Modals -Nr1 and Nr2

Two Fill-in-the-Gaps exercises on guess what.

Modal verbs at Agendaweb.org -that's where I got these links.

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First of ESO: General Review

General Recap First

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